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Happy Eid Ul Adha  for muslim around the world. This is the time when we are visiting relative and friends. From Morning to night. After we go back home, what should be done before you sleep? Remove makeup! We all know the struggle  take off our makeup before bed because we’re just too tired. 

Do you know the best skincare remedies always start with ingredient that you can find in your kitchen?

An exfoliating mask will help to remove the dead skin because when old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull. One mask is not enough for me. Face palm! .
Teenagers prefer using lip tint than lipstick, because the color is vibrant, outstanding and naturally stay on your lips. You won’t feel anything even you reapply the tint because Saemmul Water Candy Tint has light watery texture which is quite fast to absorb . Water color dispersion method to gently spread to apply on curvy lips, long-lasting without erasing easily from external friction.

This is a screening measure to help you determine whether you might have an obsessive coffee disorder that needs lovely attention. Obsessive coffee disorder is a caffeine addicted that affects people of all ages and walks of life, and occurs when a person can’t move on with the coffee aroma.

You are using your eye area every single seconds from you open your eyes until sleeping. Eye movements and blinking you always do right? What we do to treat our under eyes? With Eye cream of course! Have you use any eye cream?

althea korea
What I love about Althea, most of celebration, they will launch special edition box instead of normal pink box! For Ramadhan Special, they offer us the limited edition in a mint box! So cute

designer bag 2017
Why do women carry a handbag instead just a purse? The handbag carries our essentials, and important thing. The first thing you should consider  when buying new handbag are . The purse itself won’t fit all this things! Since handbags can cost a couple of hundred ringgit, choosing the right bag is important. You want to make sure your investment is worth your money.

Live your life just the way it is supposed to be? The truth is you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Everything is so unpredictable. So Isn’t life is so grape? Sweet and sour! I can’t guarantee you whole life will be so sweet like no body business but this Green Grape Nutritious Gel by Neula Confirm Crunchy, Sweet and Juicy!.

What do you do on weekend? Me? I have my own Spa time with Skinphy. Have you heard of Skinphy? They are online seller that sell variety of famous and effective premium mask from Korea. If you are face mask junkie.

Do you know Althea is a name of flower? We call it Bunga raya in Malaysia or Hibiscus syriacus or Rose of Sharon? In conjunction of that, their debut product which is Petal Velvet Powder infused with oil from Althea seeds itself aka Bunga Raya/Hibiscus Syriacus/Rose of Sharon. 
We all know that foods high in antioxidants, like our friend, the tomato, are good for you, and this is why: antioxidants reduce free radical damage. Why does this matter? Because one theory of aging argues that it results from free radical damage.

Ermmm my key keep missing! I misplace afew time! When I urgently need to go outside , I waste 15 – 30 minute find it! Mehh Did I’m too old now? >_<  Luckily TAG La save my time and my life. To let you know, TAG La is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and this item finder that works with an app on your smartphone.

People often make the mistake, if they have a combination or oily skin they prefer to skip using lotion/ moisturizer. To let you know,  if you have oily skin, you can still use of a daily moisturizer.  If you're wondering if adding a lotion might be a good thing for your skin. I will say YES! The important part here picks the good lotion for your oily skin. I know, you don't want your skin feeling greasy  or sticky right?