CAN CAN’s handmade: Cosmetics for caramel-skinned

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CAN CAN’s handmade. Back in 2017, do you still remember, worldwide singer Rihanna launched her own brand. Popular for its broad inclusivity across skin tones and gender, especially the foundation product produced in 40 different shades. It sold out fast especially the dark shade. It proves that most product that available in the beauty industry is suitable for fair to medium skin. Luckily, we have local brand called CAN CAN’s handmade. Cosmetics for caramel-skinned babes’, here’s a little back story in how this concept was created.

During the earlier days in 2015 when liquid lipsticks had made its grand entrance and had everyone shook, the shades available weren’t exactly the most universal. Particularly to those of a medium to deeper skin tone. One of their founders is a make up enthusiast who wanted to jump on the liquid lipstick bandwagon didn’t always find the right shades for her skin tone. Fueled by a sudden realization of the lack of options for caramel babes when it came to cosmetics and beauty, our founders decided to take matters into their own hands inspiring the idea of Can Can’s Beauty. Can Can’s Beauty was established to serve caramel-skinned babes internationally.

Let’s take a look on their Skin Selection collection. Under this collection, they launched 3 shades called ,Universal ,Caffeine Fix and On The Go . OMO! The packaging! Hexagon box is rare and unique! It suits with their theme for Caramel-Skinned Babes. 

Pick one!

The matte lipstick applicator is longer than standard matte lipstick. With a flat tip applicator for maximum precision of application. It makes me easy to apply one layer and the color cover up all my lips. Then, blend it with your lip brush. This way make small imperfections disappear and your lipstick color pops even more. :D

Universal is a subtly tinted gloss with rose gold flecks just cause there's nothing wrong with being a little extra. The Lip Glaze collection performs with ultimate reflective capability and ultimate impact upon a single application. Play no games, bring dimension instantaneously by wearing the lip glaze. The colour came off easily with just a wipe of a tissue. But it's a good option if you prefer comfort over longevity.

On the go is a candy floss pink, made to suit any mood, occasion and skin tone. My everyday look :D Pink is the safe colour on everyone's lips at the moment. 

Caffeine Fix is a mid-tone orange brown. Get up and at it!   A weightless long-wearing lip creme which dries down to a soft velvet matte finish. Nourishing lips all day long with natural butters and oils.

It offers a high pigment from the first swipe and dries down quickly. No need to wait for a long time girl! Time is gold! What more surprisingly, with barely any transfer. The colour wears well, even when eating and drinking. Emmm It will start to break down if you're eating or drinking all day without stop hoohoo.

For just RM59.00 ,I was really impressed with the result. Seriously affordable and worth your money! CAN CAN’s handmade are Cruelty-free and no animal testing. They Ship worldwide girl! Forget to tell you!!! Visit their website now! They have RM20 discount! ( For limited time only) Grab it now~~

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