Afternoon Tea at 2PM Lounge, G Hotel Kelawai, Penang

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Step into G Hotel Kelawai, you will be greeted by friendly staffs at the designer lobby and ushered into the conceptual gigantic golden bird cage where it leads to the lobby lounge – 2PM. The lounge is carefully crafted and delicately decorated that appeals to the sophisticated. 2PM is a destination where lifestyle and architecture are emphasized.

It has the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Contemporary furnishings and natural light streaming through the double storey windows create an inviting atmosphere. I come here for a few time and I love the environment here. 

Famed for its Afternoon Tea from 2pm – 5pm daily, 2PM is featuring a three-tiered silver stand of new treats on the plates including homemade scones, fruit tartlets, macarons, and French pastries. 

The Afternoon Tea is priced at RM50nett per set for two persons’ sharing portion. 

Not forgetting a pot of tea of your choice. 

Variety of tea you can pick. Can you guest what is my favourite tea?

Yup , Rooibos Vanilla. I can’t move on with vanilla flavour hoho. The flavour of mellow vanilla adds a delightfully sweet touch.

Let we see what you will have for your Afternoon Tea set . The top and bottom tier will be served with the same savory pastries. 

So each of us while have the same plate! No need to fight hohoh.

The best part ,for each set of afternoon tea, you can pick any 2 slice of cake that available on that day. 

You favourite cake and a macoron will be served on the second tier.

Gula Melaka Cake

Fruit tart

Blueberry cake

The special highlight for last month is Chocolate Bomb (RM25), Chocolate Bomb is definitely a must-try dessert for all the chocolate lover.

Implode the chocolate sphere by pouring the hot chocolate sauce on it.

The chocolate sphere will melt slowly and unearth a sweet explosion of vanilla ice-cream, fresh fruits and cake.

For those who miss out the Chocolate Bomb, do check their website regularly . Hopefully for next coming month, the G Hotel will bring back their Chocolate Bomb. The taste of the chocolate surely delicious, and you can see the chocolate melt in front of your eyes.  Waaa

While waiting for your Dinner at 7pm and you are craving for a food after an afternoon tea. I recommend for you guys to continue talking and gossip at 2PM lounge by order all kind of Snacks & Bites that available there. 

Let we see what 2PM lounge, G Kelawai ,Penang offer for us.

Chicken in Basket (RM28) – A light breaded chicken tenders with thyme, rosemary, garlic & paprika served with fries & kaffir lime chilli aioli.

Chicken in Basket (RM28) – A light breaded chicken tenders with thyme, rosemary, garlic & paprika served with fries & kaffir lime chilli aioli.

Lamb and Potato (RM28) – A grilled lamb sausage with spicy potato, egg and spring onion.

Filet Mignon Crostini (RM38) – A grilled beef slice on garlic crostini & tomato chutney.

2PM also offers a selection of sandwiches including:

2PM Decker (RM25) - A classic club sandwich with grilled chicken, fried egg, vegetables and fries. 

Salmon Bagel (RM32) - A smoked salmon in a bagel with capers and horseradish dressing.

Toasted Tuna Sandwich (RM25) – Toasted tuna sandwich with criss cut fries and salad.

For sharing portion, you can choose 3 type of pizza. Each cost you only RM31. Each pizza has 8 slice which you can share among 4 person. Quattro Formaggio Pizza - gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar. Aurora Pollo Pizza - chicken strip, bell pepper, olive, artichoke and mozarella cheese. Chilli Margarita Pizza – mozzarella cheese, tomato & pesto & birds eye chilli. By nightfall, 2PM transforms into an evening gathering of friends sharing bites over signature cocktails after work. 

The bar offers some notable beverages that are worthy of mention such as international mocktails that are personally curated by in-house mixologists like the ice blended Watermelon Pudina made of watermelon & pineapple juice infused with fresh mint leaves, Pink Perfection with a mix of strawberry, watermelon, orange and lime juice for a healthy blush and the signature Jk Jam with a blend of orange, mango, lychee, grenadine and lemonade juice that is so refreshing. Classic cocktails such as Pina Colada, Singapore Sling and Cosmopolitan to name a few as well as the all-time favourite Pomegranate Mojito, Chilli Lada and Lychee SMASH are available on the menu. 

October promotion: Coffee Craze - Daily, 2pm – 10pm. Brighten up your day and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a slice of cake for RM25 or grab a crazy deal at RM15 from 6pm onwards.

Buy 1 free 1 RM15 after 6:00pm for White Chocolate lava Cake. Sweeten up your day with our white chocolate lava cake topped with dark sweet cherries and enjoy the melted white chocolate as it oozes out.

Open daily from 2pm till 10.30pm, whether it is a chatter over a glass of tea or coffee to loosen the edge off after a long day, 2PM is stylishly defined. So sit down, relax and live in the moment where the music plays and the sophisticated congregate.

Please visit or contact +604 – 219 0000 for bookings or further information about 2PM lounge’s promotions.

2PM Lounge, G Hotel Kelawai
Address: 2 Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-2190000

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