100% Mmmmm Fernleaf UHT Milk

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Fernleaf UHT milk is 100% Mmmmm  | Do you agree if I say, breakfast is important? We need to make sure we are well nourished to overcome challenges of the day. So what do you eat for breakfast for a busy morning? Me? . I start my daily life with Fernleaf UHT milk 100% Mmmmm Made with 100% Milk from New ZealandWhat makes Fernleaf special are , Fernleaf produce milk naturally and dairy expert. Fernleaf, cows are at the heart of their dairy farming business and farmers take their welfare very seriously. 

Due to climate, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where their dairy cows can graze outdoors freely almost all year round on high quality fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce nutritious milk. As a country, they are experts at growing grass. Well-cared-for cows fed with natural grass are healthy cows; and healthy cows produce high quality nutritious milk. 

New Zealand is a country with fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine, making it one of the best places in the world to produce milk. With high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, their happy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster. 

With over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, their farmers’ heritage and expertise have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy today. That is why the taste of Fernleaf UHT milk is 100% Mmmmm…

Each pack provides  us; protein, calsium, vitamin  A , B2, C, D.Fernleaf UHT milk available in 200 ml and 1 liter for : Full Cream and Chocolate flavour but , Low Fat milk only available in 1 Liter.If you love Fernleaf UHT milk like me, head to your nearest supermarket or hypermarket in Malaysia and grab as many as you can!

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