#TeaWithHilton X The Butterfly Project: BB Cushion Art Déco Workshop

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#TeaWithHilton X The Butterfly Project l BB Cushion Art Déco Workshop l When a girl meets, there is a lot to talk about, including a topic about your cat, (CaCa the Cat). Ermmm, the most of important thing is to catch up with my good friend’s life. Where to go? I prefer privacy and comfortable place. What activity should we do? Maybe Afternoon tea in the hotel is the answer. Traditionally, Afternoon tea or called as “Hi-Tea” was often enjoyed by upper classes women. Nowdays, either women or men love a Hi-Tea, because a cup of tea just an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds. 

20 Penangites Butterflies attend the BB Cushion Art Déco Workshop. Thank you The Butterfly Project team especially (Tammy) for the exclusive invitation. While déco our own BB Cushion, we were served an afternoon tea set. The fun activity provides me an unforgettable memory.

Experience An Exquisite Hi-Tea 
The delightful Hi-Tea session takes place at Axis Lounge @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang. The perfect venue if you want an afternoon escape from the city. It located in Batu Ferringhi. No worries, a few friends or small group will fit the place perfectly.

Axis Lounge @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Axis Lounge @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang
The Hilton resort near the beach. I could smell the sea breeze… I could feel a light, warm breeze touched my cheeks. Something about this place looked warm and cozy, just like my home. I Sip a cup of tea while seating in low comfortable sofa, laughing, talking, eating all evening like a Modern Tai Tai.

The drink
There is a wide selection of tea choices are available including Rosemary With Peppermint, Natural Ceylon Ginger Tea, Green Tea With Jasmine Flowers from Dilmah. Dilmah’s collection of teas provide a taste of tea from estates around the world known only for their excellence.

Photo credit to Eros Si
To start the Hi-Tea session, we must select our favorite tea first. But I’m not sure what should I pick? 

At the end, after receiving the recommendation from the polite waiter, I pick the Rose with French Vanilla. According to him, this tea flavor is the best.

See, I told you, their variety of their tea is no joke.  Guess what Jas pick for her tea?

The Food
This 3 tier pyramid set has 8 item. Consist of sweet to savory taste.

Top: Royal Milk Tea Espuma In A Shooter Glass and Ginger Lemongrass Tea Infusion Crème Brulee.

Middle: Green Tea Macaron & Earl Grey And White Chocolate Mousse

Bottom: Jasmine Scones, Tea Flavoured Chicken Quiche, Seared Fried Shrimp On Green Bread & Grilled Smoked Tea Chicken Breast In Green Tea Sandwich Bread

BB Cushion Art Déco Workshop
Even the Hi-Tea set look delicious, please don’t forget our main activity! The BB Cushion Deco Workshop! The example of BB cushion for our reference. We should deco like this! 

The activity start when all butterflies arrived.

BB Cushion Art Déco Workshop

For a deco purpose, each of Butterflies gets to pick ten accessories.

Pick any 10 accessories that you like.

The pink tube is a glue. It looks like a whipped cream. Nyummy yummy, it's smell nice. Althea.Kr sponsored the Petal Velvet Powder for us.

Tammy guide us for the art deco. Squeeze, attach the cream and pull. Do it faster as you can because the glue dry quickly than you think.  I don’t have any experience in piping before but I could say I do a good job. You see how pretty my petal velvet powder cover case hahha.

The second déco, we can use our own BB Cushion! What do you think of my art deco? Good or too good :P

The Rose With French Vanilla flavour is the best tea I've ever tasted. It is fantastic, aromatic and refreshing. I finish all the food. :D All dessert is delicious especially the green tea Macaron! Not forgetting also the scones with cream and jam. A treasure of the day!

Photo credit to Eros Si

The afternoon tea party had come to an end after 2 hours. I enjoy the day. Tea and dessert are more than reason enough to gather friends together for an afternoon. Hope we could see you again Tammy and TBP team soon. 

Hi- Tea Set
Price: RM68nett for 2 pax 
Time:3pm - 6pm. (Daily)
Tel:+604-892 8000 
Place: Axis Lounge @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang
p/s: We also got complimentary tickets to the Teddy Bear Museum! Thanks Jessica( National Marketing Content Manager for Hilton) 

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