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Evogue Perfume | Eau De Parfum Stylus. Remember me! Since the time of ancient Egypt, a girl from a wealthy family uses to wear a perfume. Nowadays perfume becomes the best friend of everyone including me. But why? Wears perfume, I want people to remember me fondly. A secret about my personality you might not know. Can be discovered through signature perfume. Every fragrance is unique and it's important to find the ones that suit you. Let’s me introduce you to one of Perfume brand that you should consider as your signature perfume. Evogue New York.

For their first series, they offer 3 type of perfume (Fire,Earth& Metal) but I suggest your with “Metal” Evogue perfume. The Stylus is uniquely contrived for people with an active lifestyle, who are always on the go. Run an errand for your boss or rushing to meet a deadline, sweating a lot is not a big deal. Individually priced at $39USD and a gift set of all 3 costs $109USD.  

EARTH is a burst of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit citrus notes, bright green herbs and orris tinged woods; developing into a blend with a touch of sweet sandalwood to create an energetic base.

FIRE conveyed elegance perfectly with the refined composition of magnolia and rose set into a velvety accord of jasmine, raspberry and musk to suggest a more abstract impression.

METAL produce a vision of a noble horsemen hunting through damp woods, the citrus and bitter herbs of Metal evoke the crisp white shirt and warm skin of someone irresistibly attractive and elegantly sexy.

This perfume is unisex mean both gender can use. The beauty and the genius of this exquisitely refine fragrance lie in its perfect balance: a balance between different elements of the composition, between simplicity and complexity, between artistic merit and pure pleasure. It is one of those rare perfumes that have plenty to say, but that are easy to understand. The effervescence of Metal is set by pink pepper, cashmere wood, amber and patchouli, which form an exhilarating prelude. Made in Singapore. Formulated in France.

TOP SCENT: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Lemon
MIDDLE: Lavender, Magnolia, Cashmere Wood
BOTTOM: Amber, Vetiver, Patchouli

How to use? For first time, you just need to twist the Volume Control (at the tip) to the highest Volume 4. Then click the 3D Button for several times until the gel is released. Glide anywhere on your body. I suggest glide on your wrist, behind your ear or at the bottom of your throat. The pulse points where your heart rate can be felt are the best spots to apply due to the warmth of your blood. Through its leak-proof brush tip, the delicate trail of scent forms the basis of all we experience, treasure and enjoy. A tiny bit of the perfume goes a long way, thanks to its advanced unique blend. Now you are ready to go! 

Filled with the finest Eau De Parfum, expertly crafted by renowned artisans, it unleashes brilliantly paired fragrance notes. The Stylus is sleek, compact, and convenient. It fits into any pocket, pouch or bag. It offers superb convenience and precision anytime, anywhere – The coveted new art, the new trend!

Penangties, I have a good news for you!!!

After their successful pop-ups in KL, Evogue will be coming to Penang end of July! Discover a brand new way of experiencing fragrance and also pamper yourself with some sweets with Evogue at "Meet Your Scent". Complete these 4 simple steps on Facebook to claim your FREE dessert! I repeat 300 FREE DESSERTS ON EVOGUE! Click here now!

Meet Evogue at these locations on the following dates: 
27/7 (Fri) 4pm-10pm @ Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe, Icon City
28/7 (Sat) 12pm-6pm @ Magnum, Gurney Paragon Mall
29/7 (Sun) 12pm-6pm @ Macallum Connoisseurs, Gat Lebuh Macallum
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