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Hello, Monday blues, too much Monday, not enough coffee. Need a cup of coffee to cheer my day, But a scoop of Coffee can scrub away my dead skin! Be ready for this weekend! We are going to rock and roll on the new Coffee Scrub from The Pink Diamond. The Pink Diamond a new local brand, selling hand-made and organic Coffee Scrub in Malaysia. Yihaaa another item to be in my pinky yikey club!

The Pink Diamond Coffee Scrub is a 100% natural product, no harmful chemicals and can be used without any hesitation. Moreover, this coffee scrub using Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold pressed and unrefined). This Coffee Scrub can be used by a teenager to adult. The production of Coffee Scrub is not ready stock. They made in small quantities after receiving reservations from their customer. The Pink Diamond want to make sure their Coffee Scrub is fresh from the oven to be delivered at its best quality just for you guys! You will be giving 1 pink card that state the expired that of the Coffee Scrub.

As it name, the lid itself in pastel pink! It comes with a plastic bottle, the net weight is 250G. The texture of The Pink Diamond Coffee is rough because mixed with Himalayan Rock salt. My advice please use only as body scrub. Not suitable for your face. When open the lid, the coffee aroma is nice and lingering my whole room! I like! Why should we use The Pink Diamond Coffee Scrub? This Coffee Scrub, remove dead skin cells present on the skin. It helps to reduce the stretch marks and cellulite. At the same time increase blood circulation. If you want hydrate and moisturize skin for a long time, The Pink Diamond Coffee Scrub is a perfect choice.  Moreover, it eliminates dullness, while providing a healthier looking skin. You are advised to scrub your skin once a week. Don’t too frequently, it will harm your skin left redness.

Now it's the time to enjoy a long bath will pampering my skin. Use a spatula to scoop the scrub.For me, I need 3 scoops. In the shower, make sure to wet your skin first. Massage the scrub onto skin in a circular motion, left the coffee scrub for a few minutes and rinse off with warm water. Use Once a week for a better result. It's best to keep your hair up through the whole process. Otherwise, you might wake up with coffee grinds still in your hair. As a coffee lover, I don’t mind haha. Stay at the same place if possible.Don’t move around so it will easily wash down the drain. Otherwise, you will be scrambling to sweep the bathroom floors before your roommates get home.

To be honest, I love everything involve coffee.  Coffee mask, Coffee scrub! I’m addicted to the aroma itself. No wonder I love The Pink Diamond Coffee Scrub so much. After use for 2 weeks, I do see, my dull skin become more glowing a bit! I will use frequently to get a better result. More soft Perfectly remove my dead skin!. For a cellulite quite hard to see the result as I only use 2 weeks.

The Pink Diamond Coffee Scrub Price:
TRAVEL PACK : RM12.00/ 50G

BOTTLE :RM 39.00/250G
DM them to Purchase. Visit here

Good news for you guys! Please visit My Ig if you like to win 1 Bottle The Pink Diamond Coffee Scrub Full Sized For Free!

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  1. Best pakai scrub kopi ni .kulit jadi lembut gitu ..

  2. Best guna scrub ni, mmg wangi haha kadang rse nak makan sebab semerbak bau coffea tu.

    Salam kenal dari Sofea

  3. sha suka jugak scrub kopi. bau dia pun sedap hahaha tak menahan betul

  4. Coffee memang di perakui bagus untuk kecantikan kulit. Malah memang boleh melembutka kulit juga secara asli

  5. Tak suka sangat coffee tapi suka bau scrub..must try item 😄..

  6. Macam best ja scrub kopi nie.. boleh cuba nanti..

  7. Tak pernah cuba lagi scrub kopi ni dan sebelum ni pernah juga dengar tentang crub coffee. Tak sangka pula kopi boleh dijadikan produk yg baik untuk kulit

  8. wah.. rasa excited nsk cuba bila baca entri ni.. bila tengok gambar2 diatas lagi la dua kali excited...hah

  9. Dulu glemer sabun kopi skrg ada scrub kopi. Bagus ada produk baru. Best ni

  10. love coffee scrub. smell nice and good

  11. silap2 dah scrub terus masuk mulut terus sbb wangi

  12. Coffee help in beauty. This DIY scrub seem good. I want to try it.

  13. Selama ini ingatkan kopi just untuk diminum hahahahha

    Yang Benar,
    Peminat Nescafe 3 in 1

  14. Tak pernah cuba Boleh cuba lepas ni... Kalau macam ni Boleh buat dekat rumah sahaja

  15. Always love coffee scrub when I go for spa.. the coffee scrub you sharing seems very nice and price is really affordable! I love your pictures!!!