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Hello lip tint lover! Today I’m going to show you why The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint in Watermelon my new toys. Teenagers prefer using lip tint than lipstick, because the color is vibrant, outstanding and naturally stay on your lips. You won’t feel anything even you reapply the tint because Saemmul Water Candy Tint has light watery texture which is quite fast to absorb . Water color dispersion method to gently spread to apply on curvy lips, long-lasting without erasing easily from external friction. 

As you can see, the packaging itself look like a candy no wonder why the name The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint . Korean product always impresses me with their packaging ,cute and unique.Hahaha I always fall in love with the cutie thing, As women love cute product I do agree why we keep buying online just only looking for the picture. I keep this tint  in my office drawer as a backup if I forget to bring my favourite lipstick.

 I got Saemmul Water Candy Tint at as they offer a cheaper price in town. This lip tint available in 5 color. However in Althea kr. Only 3 shade are available 02 Apple,03 Redmango,04 Soft Persimmon, the other two are sold. 01 Cherry, 05 Watermelon. Do you know? The shade itself represents the color which in matte red with cool undertone. Moreover, it have watermelon scent, not to overpowering but just nice and sweet. The color is so pretty when applied boldly for the full lips. One touch gives vivid color with bright light on face, gives vivid long lasting color. 

The weight only 10g with you can bring in your handbag . Even it so small, I would agree it gets the job done well . After a 4 hours, the color is still there on your lips . No need to worries to touch up frequently. Saemmul Water Candy Tint doesn’t dry up my lips like other lip tint. when I coincidentally lick my lips, it doesn’t taste bitter. It come with doe foot applicator with a soft brush. Twist and pull the cap off, then there you have your applicator. Easy to use,  please start from the center of your lips.I'd personally prefer to lay it little as a base until the perfect shape is create. Then, I fill in the line to avoid the tint out of my lips, hahah  it'll stay all day where it happened to be applied >_<.The other function that I can figure, it could be used a blusher too. Just dap dap dap on your cheek, it is easy to blend out.

For those who have fair skin tone or a baby face looks or teenagers, I would recommend The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint for you. For me, this watermelon shade doesn’t suit me well  because my skin tone a bit dark. This color make me look old than my age.But when I wear black outfit, The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint make me into gorgeous ladies with a sexy red lips. Muahhhh

See my video here. How my lip tint after I drink a cup of water.  Till then , see you in my next post.
For more info do visit : Althea Korea

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  1. I have always wanted to try lip tint but never got to. It looks really good on you! I am going to get myself one when I can :)

  2. The Color is nice and it makes you Lip look so hot. The packaging even cute. Price is reasonable.

  3. This look nice to try out. I tried their mask but not the make up products.

  4. I disagree. This shade looks good and makes your skin looks fair here. I was expecting you to say it taste like watermelon LOL.


  5. the botol is so cute.. like a candy.. hehehe.. and the color is so nice.. will check it out later

  6. I really am in love with this red shade now. Would love to get myself one soon. Thanks for this review!

  7. I agree with you, I think this color suits to girls who have fair skin tone. I love the packing though.

  8. Saem has some of the cutest packaging.. my daughters bought some of these lip tints in different packaging in Myeong Dong when we were there last year

  9. This lipstick looks good. I like the long lasting finishes.

  10. I like this color of lipstick.
    Looks good on you too.
    will try it out.

  11. Wow the color is so vibrant on your lips. Thanks for the review, going to check out the product.