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Hey guys! Happy weekend! Do you excited to see a lot of review this month! I’m so surprise too, Usually I’m lazy to update my blog hahhaha .An exfoliating mask will help to remove the dead skin because when old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull. One mask is not enough for me. Face palm! . So today I would like to introduce Monstory GirlyMon Brightening Care Fresh Mask RM50 /100g

Wizard Monster GirlyMon who returns milk-white, transparent skins with makgeoli . Makgeoli is rich of vitamin,protein, mineral that good for your skin. Inside Monstory GirlyMon Brightening Care Fresh Mask can see the rice bran. This bran is helped your skin shine and bright like sunshine!

The packaging is so cute! You could see monster there. If you talk about product packaging, Korean product never disappointed me.Please take note. Use it in 90 days when you opened the product for best effect of product. Store in the fridge after open because all ingredient is natural product. It has a scent but not overpowering. Still bearable.

How to use? After washing your face apply evenly all over your face avoiding the eye area and mouth. After 15  minutes , gentle massage with warm water, then rinse with cold water. Massage gently with your fingers not to hard ya! It mildly exfoliates face and treats my skin tone.I could feel my skin more smoother than before. Yipeee. For brightening effect, yes I could see after a month. Not drastic changing but yes! A little bit is better than nothing. For those who think sheet face mask is expensive, Monstory GirlyMon Brightening Care Fresh Mask is for you. You can use 30 -50 time for 1 tube. If you interested to buy do visit for better offer. For more Info Please visit :  Althea Korea

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  1. nampak best.. tapi terlalu banyak produk dah..

  2. Face mask mmg bagus..sis pun suka pakai face mask. Nanti boleh lah cuba produk ni pulak bila face mask kat rumah ni dah habis..

  3. Salam,
    Akak, saya baru beli produk ni dari althea jugak..tpi saya dpt tau ingrediant dia ada rice wine. Rice wine halal tak digunakan untuk muka?

    1. Wasalam Shah, alamak, sis tidak arif bab ini.
      Awak kena tanya yang lebih arif ye.