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Hello Ms Unicorn! Yihaaa . Do you agree if I say, a flawless makeup is what we seek for. A bonus if your makeup is long lasting for 8 – 10 hours. You are busy with one meeting to another meeting meet up customer from morning to evening and you need to look fabulous the whole day. If doesn’t matter, whether you are using drug store makeup or high end makeup. The main point is does your makeup can maintain till evening? Ermmm probably.

The secret here is using primer!  Makeup primer is a base for foundation whether you are using BB Cream, CC cream or go for heavy foundation from simple to full face makeup a right primer can keep your makeup longer and give your skin a smooth and flawless finish. People often skip this step because they believe they don’t really need it. Makeup primer is one of those beauty products that combines the benefits of both skin-care and cosmetics. Have you heard any primer that Rich in Anti-ageing? No?

Let me introduce you Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream. A type of primer. The uniqueness about Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream is the bottle come in a black hourglass shape. So kawai, I will keep the bottle after finish my first bottle! I am glad it comes with a pump diffuser. Why is Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream as my favourite? Boost Balm’s skin barrier cream was so well researched, that every ingredient incorporated is from the highest form of quality and origin. The barrier cream took three years of research by the best scientists and chemists and 1 year of trial and error all upon human testing, as it is their company policy to not test on animals. Vegan and natural but this product is not with SPF.

The main ingredient for this primer are :
AVOCADO OIL:  It is also rich in antioxidants that can restore our skin’s health
HIBISCUS EXTRACT:  It helps with the effects of premature ageing, so that wrinkle and fine line you ‘accidentally’ encountered, can be paused if a good amount of hibiscus extract is used!
WILLOW BARK EXTRACT: increases radiancy, reduces aggravated skin, but at the same time reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!
PHYTOSAN K (SOY STEM CELL): organic soybeans protects the skin from UV-induced energy loss and stimulates skin regenerative functions i.e boosting collagen production and improving the texture of the skin!
GERANIUM OIL: geranium essential oil that helps control a skin problem epidemic!
BEARBERRY EXTRACT( APLHA ARBUTIN NATURAL FORM): Bearberry helps reduce uneven or dark spots.

Not just a normal primer it can Protect and Heal your skin. Rich in Anti-ageing properties such as Phytosan K to prevent premature ageing. Patented technology of film forming invisible mask once applied. Creates a breathable film on your skin so any cosmetic products applied above it will adhere to the film and not your skin! So you now need not worry about NOT wearing makeup products due to sensitive skin, as it will not have direct contact with your skin!. I need Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream as a shield for my face without worrying about clogged pores hehhee.

How to use:

This primer is white in colour. Upon application, it absorbs fast and not sticky at all. The texture is in cream type. For me it has the scent like peeling a tangerine. A fresh scent not too overpowering. 

Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream claims can last till 10 hours.
Are you kidding me? I have a combination skin. Sure meh can last for 10 hours? So I have mixed feeling until I try and test Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream. I quiet surprising, my makeup last till evening. I just using a BB Cream and blusher, eyeliner. Wahh till the end the blusher is still there at my cheek. 

Omg!, No wonder, They keep restock their stock. To let you know, their production of Boost Balm Pegasus blood  Edition Skin Barrier Cream is produced by batch. They delivered the product fresh from oven!Each bottle contains 20ml of product and currently retailing at RM120 inclusive of delivery per unit (normal price). However, there are running SUPER EXCLUSIVE PROMO for the Vegan lovers, currently Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream is only for RM99.90. Not only that, if you use my Promo Code IKAABAE, you can get another 10% discount so now it’s only for RM89!!

If you are wondering why I only put half make up on my face, it’s because Boost Balm is doing Power of Make Up Challenge from Oct 9th - Oct 22nd! You can win Sephora Gift Card worth RM 2,500 okay! Chek out my Instagram profile on how how to join the EASY contest!
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  1. pegasus blood... nooooooooo.... I don't want it... I love unicorns and pegasus....don't want to harm them.... but seriously.. the packaging looks interesting

  2. gambar flatlay awak cantik laaa.. boleh jadi rujukan ni :D

  3. All the best in joining the contest. I hope you win then you can review more beauty products!

  4. This product seems pretty good, huh? But I never heard the brand before tho..

  5. Wowww...never heard of this brand...yes i do agree with u..people tends to skip the primer part and then claimed their make up doesnt last the way it suppose to last...hahhaha

  6. Tak pernah dengar nama produk ni tp bahan-bahannya nampak menarik untuk dicuba.

  7. Bagus betul sebab make up tahan lama. Kita pun combination skin. Memang nak kena try produk ni. Best boleh dapat 10% diskaun tu.

  8. Mana beli produk ni. Tak pernah dengar. Anyway ur photo really nice

  9. Thanks for the tip. Selalu Ana terus pakai foundation terus tanpa pakai primer. No wonder lah xtahan.

  10. tengok mua selalu live tu.. dorang kata primer memang kena pakai sebab nak bagi muka prep dan tahan lama.. patutlah mekap dorang cantik.. kena grab lah macam ni.. packaging pun macam nice je

  11. I dont use makeup. 😂 but your makeup style was amazing. Wow, I'm impressed

  12. The packaging look super nice tho...
    And I love how u often brave yourself to try certain stuff

  13. Good sharing dik. Nice la...boleh akk try nanti. Kulit akk ni kan, mmg susah lrkat make up

  14. Menarik ramuan dia. Saya jenis tak mekap. Tapi pakai bc cream je bila kuar.

  15. Wowwww 2 face..... menarik dan kreatif la awak nie.. i like... terbaik...

  16. Never heard about this product before. Maybe I can try next time when I want to buy a new primer

  17. Comelnyaaaaaaa packaging boost Balm tu. Harga pun standard range sama dengan produk di pasaran. Nanti akak nak cuba. Hehe