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Hello guys! Ermmm my key keep missing! I misplace afew time! When I urgently need to go outside , I waste 15 – 30 minute find it! Mehh Did I’m too old now? >_<  Luckily TAG La save my time and my life. To let you know, TAG La is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and this item finder that works with an app on your smartphone.

TAG La is the fastest way to find your phone,key and anything? Anything? Hehee Can I find my oppa at korea? (please stop dreaming Ika ,we are talking about lost item not your oppa!) Sorry! TAG La have improve their  feature. The newest TAG La,aka item finder and also a Bluetooth tracker available in six trendy colors, with crowd GPS feature. Me? The red TAG La is my choice. 

How it work? Open your play store, download TAG La Apps. Signup and Sign in.Open your Bluetooth so TAG La can do her work as item finder.

Just attached TAG La to anything you need.In my case, Car key!

Firmly press the Button on your TAG La for 3 second until you hear the beep sound. Place the TAG La next to your phone. It will automatically pair. 

If your key is missing Click Find me, then your TAG La will beep till you click stop. 

Cant ’t find your phone? Click TAG La 2 time. You can now use TAG La to ring your phone even it’s on silent mode! Your phone will ring until you click the image.

 The other feature are:

Last Place Seen.  Check the map for the last place you had it. Get it back immediately after losing it.
Selfie Remote. It must have cool and trendy features! Use TAG La as a selfie remote now!
Sharing is Caring. Share TAG La with a coworker or friend to increase finding power.
Crowd GPS. Put all other TAG La apps on the lookout if the item’s not where you last left it.

If you can’t understand how it work, watch my video here. The important thing, open your Bluetooth if not,TAG La Can't be connected. 


Thank to TAG La, I save my time muah!!! If you are interested to buy,The TAG La only cost you RM69.90.You will get 25% discount  if buy 3 TAG La and 30% discount if you buy 6 TAG La. Free delivery above RM 100. For more info click here:

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  1. omg this products is great for a clumsy person like me. but like you, I also need a gadget to find my "oppa" hehe

  2. this one suitable for my hubby, Ika XD


  3. Can tag husband and see where he is if I lost him??? Hehehee

  4. This is interesting as sometimes cant find phone when on silent mode.. Tg for the info..