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Hello! Secret for a Beautiful for glowing skin? Understanding every girl’s dream of having a flawless skin like a Korean Celebrity .  SYAHIRAH – the halal skincare range since 2007 is proud to introduce a new innovation for all Korean beauty product lovers. SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets uses the latest technology from Korea. It contains specially formulated Tri-Flower Essence – Ginseng, Chamomile & Green Tea flowers, with ingredients that is Halal certified by JAKIM to provides excellent hydrating and whitening benefits. These ingredients are carefully selected from Jeju Island, Korea. With Syahirah Korean Secrets, you will be able to attain flawless and evenly toned skin that will boost your self-esteem and confidence. SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets available in 2 ranges – Hydra Soft and White Glow - Try these products to discover flawless, evenly toned and beautiful skin, just like Korean girls.

There are five interesting products in Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft
range – Facial Cleanser Gel, Facial Scrub, Alcohol-Free Facial Toner, Moisturising Facial Cream and Beauty Cream that makes up a complete range for your skincare routine! Syahirah Korean Secret Hydra Soft Facial Cleanser helps clean impurities while preserving the skin's moisture. Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Facial Scrub is formulated with gentle exfoliating beads that help remove dirt and dead skin cells for smoother skin. Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Facial Toner helps restore the natural PH of your skin after cleansing for further absorption of SYAHIRAH skincare products for a smoother complexion. Syahirah Korean Secret Hydra Soft Beauty Cream suitable as a makeup foundation to help cover blemishes, freckles, blemishes and even out skin tone.

For more info on Syahirah product you can visit here. Their product are available
supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected pharmacies (Guardian, Watson etc)
Beauty hotline : 03-87379122

Email :

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  1. Lovely packaging and I love Korean + Hydration products so might give this a try :)

  2. When I read 'flawless skin', straight away my mind says that I must have these. Good thing they look so cute!!

  3. That is really wonderful, halal skincare range with Korean technology.
    Btw, that sleep mask is really cute though.


  4. Ni kalau bakal isteri baca ni habis lah hehehe tapi produk Korea bagus2..

    1. Bakal isteri?

      Tak lama lagi jadi isteri la kan. Boleh la dijadikan benda ini sebagai hantaran ;)

  5. Comel la packaging dia. Suka warna turqoise pink ni. Hahaha. Lepas ni kulit cantik macam Korean!

  6. Wahhh Korea memang jadi trendsetter kalau bab mekap2 ni sekarang. rahsia kulit flawless gitu!

  7. Product from Korea ni memang best, sis pun suka..:D

  8. so cute I like the packaging color. 1st time to see this brand shall visit to know more,

  9. First time singgah sini. Salam kenal

    Baru tahu pasal produk ni. Nice sharing

  10. Cantik sangat packaging dia. Brand Syahirah dulu ni rasanya tak cantik macam ni. Tapi bila dia buat packaging macam ni, mesti budak-budak muda senang tertarik nak pakai

  11. Nice packaging.hope their new marketing strategy works..hihi

  12. Wowwwwww! Power la syahirah sekarang dah keluarkan produk berasaskan teknologi dari korea. letopp!

  13. Wow! Okay to be honest, this is really good! Especially the marketing part and it's target audiences that reaches the mass! Love it! Even the packaging makes it so unique and cute

  14. Lawanya packaging yg baru ni. Nampak macam candy. Hahaha alja sukaaaa produk korea. Nak cantik macam orang korea! Hahaha