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Hello guys… If you find yourself staring at laptop order to focus properly and blur vision in the crowd. Maybe you should check your eyes. Did your eye power decrease? If yes, whether you choose to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction mostly depends on personal preferences. Lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget should be factor into your decision-making process. However the age of 27 year old, start wearing a spectacles to work maybe to early for me or inconvenience for my client see me wearing old school spectacles style? I do love big in square shape spectacles. However, coming to work, contact lenses is the best choice. Let me introduce you to Biotrue One Day is the newest daily disposable from manufacturer Bausch and Lomb. Created from a unique material called hypergel, the Biotrue contact lens was inspired by the biology of the human eye. Designed to mimic the human eye’s natural surface this is a daily contact lens that provides outstanding all day comfort.

Made from hypergel, the latest advanced contact lens material, the lens holds exactly 78% water. This is roughly the same amount of water that the human cornea holds, allowing for a much more natural fit to your eye. In fact, because Biotrue One Day lenses are designed to retain that moisture throughout the day, it will feel as natural as if you weren’t wearing any lenses at all. The unique design of Biotrue One Day has proven itself to be outstanding, even when up against the leading daily disposables on the market. High definition optics ensure you can always see clearly by reducing halos and glare, especially in bright sunshine or low-light. This is combined with a special UV filter to block out harmful levels of sunlight. However, Biotrue One Day is not a substitute for a good pair of sunglasses. Biotrue One Day has been created to reflect human biology and therefore offers an outstanding lens wearing experience suitable for any contact lens wearer who needs correction for long or short-sightedness, partnered with the freedom of a daily wearing pattern. In a recent study by Bausch and Lomb it retained the highest levels of moisture and the best shape after 16 hours of wear.

I got 5pair of Biotrue Oneday lenses to try. I do remember wear Biotrue Oneday from 7.30am until 8.30pm. After office hours I rush to blogger event and I went home around 8.30pm. It amazing, Biotrue Oneday lenses still make me comfortable. I do agree, Comfort level is excellent as well as vision.  

The second event is Ramadhan Buffet, the event finish around 9.40 pm. This is the prove. I remove the contact lens before driving back home. I have silau, better remove for clear eyes vision on the road. No redness effect around my eyeball.  The only downside is the price but you pay what you get! Would recommend to anyone who want to try the most acceptable-of-lenses eyes! However, I do not suggest you all use your lenses more than 8 – 10 hours every day. Sometime is ok. Your eyes need oxygen too.  If you eye is sensitive, Biotrue Oneday is the solution. 
 At the end of the day, just throw the lenses because the lenses only for a day. For those who like to try out, Biotrue Oneday only RM125 per box. You will get 30 lenses. Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution in twin pack ONLY RM61.50 (335ml x 2).

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  1. Very informative and well written. Thanks for ty hus thorough review.

  2. I don't wear contact lens but if I did, I figured I'd be using Biotrue as well. Am sure your article will be useful to someone out there.

  3. I need this lens as I tend to overstay at work until 7 pm - which is more than 8 hours of wearing contact. Thanks for the information.

  4. I have tried the lenses too! So moisture and it really doesnt dries up the eyes.