The Cheapest Place to Shop Hijab in Penang

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Hello peeps. Searching for my favourite hijab is not easy. I am outdated person. I love to wear pashmina type of hijab. As it is more convenient . Easy to wear easy to use. Belit- belit dah siap.  Nowdays, pashmina is hard to find. No longer available. Too bad. However thank to carousell, I manage to find pashmina seller. Second hand or new pashmina is available in Carousell. To let you know carousell is well known platforms for us to sell use or new item from our personal item or anything and any where. You can download their phone application at Google Play.


After downloand. Create your own account and  login . Start to sell your preloved item. If you have alot of muslimah fashion collection that is still consider wearable go ahead. Upload and wait for people purchase your item. Make sure you sell under the related categories.  For hijab and muslimah fashion you can upload at women's fashion. Simple as A B C. You can also bargin your favourite hijab with the seller . Just chat to ask . If the seller accept your offer then you can start make payment. After the seller confirm your purchase. Than the item is sold. Each hijab sold , carousell will mark the item as sold. That mean other person know the item is not available anymore.


I have experience as carousell seller and buyer. As far as I use. The apps is the best. Some hijab is limited edition from the brand. And the design is not available after the batch is finish. Like duckscarver brand. Their latest collection bawal hijab with KL design is very limited. If I am not mistaken the price is RM800.Hard to get.If you are lucky. The item will be available at carousell soon. You can save afew Ringgit. But if you are lucky la. Hahahha . Muslimah fashion,  from blouse to baju kurung, you can find in carousell. Sit on your bad. Relax, browse Carousell now. Then you will know 15 minit is nothing to you. I take more than 2 hour to browse and select my favourite item. Some are very cheap. You can't take your eyes from the item. Some seller is so kind, the new item they  can sell with 70% discount . Because they buy the wrong size, wrong color or even suka suka beli as a hobi.

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  1. I remember buying few things from Carousell. It was safe and trusted seller they got there.

  2. What a useful post now that Ramadan is near. Many of my Muslim friends are already shopping for Raya clothes and they do need new hijab, too, they say! Alerting them!

  3. tak pernah shopping lagi di carousell .. mungkin lepas ni boleh try shopping kat situ..