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Hello! Let’s take picture again ermmm but my memory phone almost full. Transfer into laptop? Let me think again. .. My diploma and degree graduation picture is gone due to virus lol.  What I have only picture that I upload in social media. Sad but it true! Why don’t we Print photos directly from our smartphone by using Droprint app? That a good idea. 

Did you know Just a few taps away, Droprint would get your photographs printed and delivered to you anywhere within SEA region.  When is the last time you are printing photos at a printing shop? I don’t remember! Droprint aspires to bring prints culture and memories back to the world. Keeping a real photo of your memory at your room by stick to your wall or make it a photobook.

Ranging from 4R prints, Insta style, Photobook, and even Giftbox prints for you to choose from! Pick your favorite one for the best occasion! Do not have the photo in your phone? Print out your Facebook / Instagram photos by connecting to them. That easy! If  your best friend birthday around the corner, These would make amazing gifts, as it brings a lot of meaning to the special someone you love. Just get one of these made for them as an amazing surprise gift! For me I love the app. It fun and the price also reasonable.

For more info visit here:

Web : Droprintmy
Facebook : Droprint
Instagram : @droprintapp

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  1. This is perfect! I always manually arrange my photos for printing in shops. But if Droprint can print my photos remotely, I'd love to try. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It does sound really easy to have photos printed. Yes, I also don't remember when was the last time I entered a photo printing shop. LOL