Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Hello everyone! It’s Bananana time! You can often witness Korean Celebrities and actress drinking Binggrae's banana milk in Korean dramas. It look yummy for me. So I wanted to try out some. I was curious how it would taste. This packaging is specially made for exporting to other countries. If in Korea, the packaging is difference .The original bottle design was inspired by Korean traditional jar called Hanggari .I went to Mall last week and new Kioda outlet is opening in Queenbay. They sell Binggrae's banana  and other flavour as well. Each Binggrae's banana cost you RM5.10 I can't believe I spent so much on banana milk... T_T .However, the milk has a nice taste and it’s not too sweet! I enjoy the banana milk with my banana mask sheet and banana sleeping mask. Let’s join my Bananana Party tonight <3

Monday, January 30, 2017


Hello everyone. Did you know, Plato argues that if we truly understand human nature we can find “individual happiness and social stability". Btw, my happiness determined by safe, pure, and biodegradable ingredients in makeup product. I am in love with Human Nature makeup line .Have you heard of Human Nature product that belongs to Mother Earth's own laboratory of moist rich soil, sunshine, and dew. Human Nature is the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines.  Each product  create by is a pledge to goodness. They come from renewable sources and are processed in a way that's kind to the environment.The  ingredients are more than inspired by nature – they are nature itself, carefully selected, deftly distilled and perfectly blended in each bottle.


HELLO everyone! Sorry for my long hiatus! This post should be upload last year, but I'm quite buzy on my work life. Now ,only I have time to do the final review. Hopefully you still remember my previous post, http://www.unlimitedbeautysecret.com/2016/09/unboxing-new-realash-eyelash-enhancer.html.   It’s been more than 3 month since I started using Realash Eyelash Enhancer together with the Brow Conditioner . Do you wondering how it has worked on me? Let see my latest picture.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hi Everyone, Semoga tidak terlambat untuk mengucapkan Selamat Tahun baru dan selamat Selamat Tahun Baru Cina. Lama Ika tidak update blog kerana kekangan masa . Buzy sangat tengok Goblin opps ! HUHUU. Sempena Ika update blog, meh Ika buat buat hampa semua terliuq dengan entry Ika kali ini. Kalau sebut pulau pinang untuk orang luar, dia orang datang cari nasi kadar,mee goreng mamak . Maklumlah masakan mamak terkenal di pulau pinang, Tapi bagi kami orang penang, Kami dah boring asyik makan nasi kandar, nak juga lidah kami makan western food.Mak oii payah benor kami orang penang nak cari masakan western yang di masak oleh melayu ala café hipster kat Shah Alam nuuu. Tapi Ika jumpa satu café di bandar Perda yang menepati citarasa lidah Ika. Meh Ika bawa korang ke café masakan barat lidah melayu. Santai-Santai@ PenangIka dah visit 2 kali café ni. Memang the best. Kalau pertama kali korang datang sini, Ika cadangkan Mixed Grilled Special.