Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Assalamualaikum semua! Selamat Petang. Panaskan cuaca hari ni?  Ermm dah lama tak hujan. Nak keluar rumah pun malas je rasa … Dahla panas nanti terbakar pula kulit muka jika selalu keluar masa panas terik kan? Sebab tu pentingnya foundation ataupun sunblock yang mempunyai SPF yang tinggi Jika kita terdedah dengan Cahaya UV tanpa ada apa-apa perlindungan  Cahaya-cahaya UV boleh menembusi kulit dan menyebabkan perubahan struktur sel kulit korang  dengan mengubah kedudukan fiber-fiber elastin kulit. Antara kesan akhir pendedahan ini ialah kanser kulit dan proses penuaan yang cepat daripada sepatutnya. Ergg takutnya! Ika selalu lupa nak menggunakan sunblock. Sebab itu Ika akan mencari foundation yang siap-siap ada SPF.  Kalau lupa guna Sunblock pun tak pa :P

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hello everyone!. Happy holiday for all of you. I have a good news to share with you today.  Have you heard about TonyMoly brand? One of Korean skincare that available in Malaysia .  Recently they open their new store at Queensbay Penang.  So I decided to stop by on Friday after hangout with my sister... Luckily when I browse their facebook one day before and I read one post that TonyMoly Malaysia is giving away FREE Mask Sheet! Just Like TonyMoly on Facebook and you receive a FREE mask sheet! Just a simple step! Then Walk into TonlyMoly store at Queensbay Mall or Qurney Plaza then show them that you’ve liked their page to redeem your gift start 19 January. Available while stock last. However, according to the list that I need to fill up, I’m the 12th person who redeem the mask sheet on 22th Jan.  Not many people redeem yet and if you go tomorrow probably they still have free mask sheet to giveaway!  Till then, happy redeem peeps!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Morning peep. I can’t sleep. They are something in my mind. I feel cheated by “someone”.  First of all, don’t take me for granted. I will write this post in Bahasa Malaysia. If you can’t understand please use google translate. Ada beberapa kes, tapi Ika boleh sabar tapi rasa nya ika perlu luahkan juga!.  Dua bulan yang lalu, Ika ada terima satu email dari XXX PR bertanyakan tentang macam mana untuk bekerjasama dengan Ika . XXX brand akan launching di  1 UTAMA  shopping mall pada November atau December.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Good afternoon everyone. Ika here. And this the longest blogpost I think haha >_<.   If those little white spots, that you commonly call ‘whiteheads’ are bothering you?  Are you looking  for some solution? Continue reading this post. :P. Actually, whiteheads are caused when sebum is not properly done away  and the oil hidden in the pores of your skin. Blackheads, on the other hand, are open hair follicles filled with lots of dead skin cells and sebum that have developed because of oxidation. Whiteheads are very common in people who have oily skin. They most commonly found on cheeks, nose and foreheads.

There are various ways by which you can get rid of whiteheads and blackheads. What you just need to opt for the one that suits you the best! They are easy to remove and can be prevented at home. Today I’m going to teach you 11 steps that you can do by yourself every week that will 95% solve your whiteheads and blackheads problem.  These steps are the best way that I can think for myself and maybe for you also.


Step 4. Dry your face well then apply apply a thick layer of mask on your preferable areas that is rich with stubborn blackheads. By the way The blackheads remover  smells heavily of coffee and I love it! Ergggg make sure the mask you applied is thick enough or else it will be pointless applying it. Not to thick, you are going to waste it. Just make sure the mask cover all your pore. Basically, the thickest it is, the longer time it will take to dry.



Hello pretty welcome to Step 2. We need tools to remove blackheads and I think Innisfree Blackhead Dual Cleaner is a good choice. I bought Innisfree Blackhead Dual Cleaner from Althea to buffs my whiteheads and  blackheads away. Some people use blackhead extractor needle tool to dig their blackhead and it going to hurt your face and leave a mark if you use the wrong way. My experience in using blackhead extractor at the end of the section my skin looked red and so irritated over night huhuhu.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hello! Good night people!  . Currently I’m working on a very long blogpost and only half are complete.  The blogpost is going to be interesting and you need to be patient. : P.  I need  creative idea so it going to take time. Hopefully I could release it before end  of January. So for today before you go to sleep please read my sneak preview on this cutie product.  >_<.   Alhamdulillah I received a few product to try out. And this time from B.Liv Malaysia. 6 product in my hand.

OMG they send me a lot of product >_<.  Calm down …. For your information b•liv is about confidence as they  are seeking to inspire young people to believe in themselves and motivate them to make a difference not only in their skincare but also in their lives. The name “b.liv” is not just a contraction of the word “believe” but also a union of the words “be” and “live” aiming at forming a life style motto that encourages b•livers to “live the moment.  That all for today. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Olla! Happy weekend ladies!  May your dream blossom and make you happy in many way. I just want to share with you my beauty haul with Althea.kr last month.  I got a few  beauty stuff from Althea and I want to share with you guys.  Let's take a look , what I got from Korea! I got the Christmas edition so  the box design is limited edition and  unique.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Hello peep! Happy New year! May our wish come true. For 2016 I just want to diet and stick with 1 diet program. I should give my self a chance to wear M size at least even for one day! Please give me your support :'). I’m totally overweight and I just concern about my healthy right now.  Will update my diet program soon