3:42 PM

Hello! I’m back. Recently I look in to my drawer. I saw Canmake Transparent  Finish Powder. Ohh this baby is here? It should be in my makeup table. Never mind maybe I misplace haha.. Without Canmake Transparent  Finish Powder, my face look pale. This pearly lavender makes my face glowing and yeppeo. I was mesmerized by the cute products and it Kawaii packaging!! Yeah!

Canmake Transparent  Finish Powder Powder is made up of 72% mineral ingredients . It mattifies, conceals lines and pores, sets makeup, retouches makeup, and nourishes the skin . The texture of this powder is super fine and siky. It blends well with my foundation and concealer. It brightens my skin tone naturally with the shimmering effect.  I prefer a bit shimmering effect in night / dinner makeup.

Emmm  when I try applying purple powder on my face using the puff, I find it grabs too much powder . My face turn Purple? Oh  no no no,  so I use face brush .  Nah, now  I turn to a pretty ladies for tonight. Canmake Transparent Finish Powder (Pearl Lavender) - RM 63.90 For more information clickhere:

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