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"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand." That right! I wish I could have a book that lead me for anti aging Formula. Why????? After 24 hours have passed, we keep getting older . We don't realise until we celebrate our next birthday ... Well ,get older is natural process as human being. Now, we are not the same person as before either your soul, your affection towards someone or your skin condition... huhuhu . What can we do to delay aging process? Psssss I found a book that will help to delay our aging process. Let me share with you! Find this book guys at your nearest mall!
Tittle :The Therapy
The Face Shop

THE  FACE  SHOP  is  always  known  as  the  brand  that  shares  the  benefits  of  nature.  The  natural  ingredient  harmlessly  permeates  deeply  into  the  skin,  a  formula  that  allows  the  essence of nature penetrate into the skin. I got one set of The Therapy First Serum and Moisture Blending Formula Cream. Did you know THERAPY  skincare  range  is  an  European  blending formula-based  skincare  that  delivers excellent anti-aging effects  on  skin?  Formulated with 200 year old natural blending therapy from Europe, “The Therapy” is bottled up with the sweat of Marches’ very own hand-made manufacturing method.

For ladies out there, if you are aged 30's and above with normal to dry skin, THE  THERAPY  First  Serum  is  recommended to you. THE THERAPY First Serum is a water based formula with Crystal particles and essential oil assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin. It enhances hydration and balancing the skin, to generate the glowing radiance of a healthy and  flush  skin

As normal skincare routine, THE  THERAPY  First  Serum  is  recommended  to  use  right  after cleansing. Pump out 1 or 2 times and apply to your skin .The texture is quite thick but applies really smoothly. If you apply too much of it, it can feel heavy on skin. Yes, that all. So simple.The serum helps to balance my skin and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used after it. 

Moreover,there are so many ways of using this serum.  Emm I have an extra cotton mask that I bought from Watson.(You can use it as face mask ermm this is my favourite part Use THE THERAPY FIRST SERUM gold cup. Place your cotton mask in the cup and pump around 6-7 times to make sure the serum soaked your cotton mask. Make sure the cotton mask is stretch out then place it in your fridge about 10- 15 minutes just for a cooling and relaxing purpose. After 15 minutes, place your DIY mask on your face. You will totally love it. I woke up the next morning and my skin felt so nice. It was hydrated and soft.  

After two week of usage, I haven't seen any major difference with anti-aging effects. I think that with constant use for longer period of time it might have even better anti-aging effects.BTW,If you have oily skin or acne prone  it's best if you could cure your acne first as the First Serum is nourishing enough to cause more breakouts.
Naaa Let's join my face mask party guys!

THE THERAPY First Serum (130ml) is available at RM148.29 (Inclusive 6% GST)
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  1. wahh bestnya dan bagus gak produk ini.. teringin lak nak cuba..

  2. I heard avocado is good for the hair, but think that would apply to skin as well. It reminds me of using olive oil products for the skin. A little too heavy for my skin type but I'm sure many people will benefit. Cam best je...

  3. I got some free sample from The Face Shop and it's really good!!

  4. Love The Face Shop! Indeed the best book ever.

  5. Wow, heard a lot of good reviews from other bloggers as well! Once I finished mine then I will get a try on this!

  6. thats looks great..gonna try that next! thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG! Thanks for your review, I'm about to buy this from The Faceshop later, and searching for good review. I am definitely going to try these.

  8. Such a detailed review. I feel like trying it out myself

  9. It sounds like a lot of trouble with the many steps. Besides, I am afraid of getting worse breakouts! Already having trouble with acne as it is. :(

  10. I am using this too! Definitely love this product that provide so many moisture and rich for our skin =D

  11. it looks like a nice product. TFS is a good brand

  12. I don't think I can use this T.T My skin breaks out from The Face Shop Rice Toner because it was too rich too!

  13. I love avocado in all forms and it is so soothing for your skin to give that instant glow.

  14. Great sist... Best artikel with english... salutttt