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Hello everyone. I always dream of having the luxurious, silky hair of a shampoo’s  model instead of dry hair and frizzy but,it just a dream hahha. Dry hair is not a hair type but it's a condition that can be treated. When hair  doesn’t make enough oil, it leads to dry hair . As you getting older , your hair naturally makes less oil. Since the roots are under your skin, dry scalp goes along with dry hair. Hair serum serves to keep from frizzing and protect it from the elements. Heheh , I found a nice hair serum that work on my dry and frizzy hair. So do you want to know?


Tada!! Mise en scene Perfect Repair Serum, It leaves my hair silky and looking healthy. It is enriched with 7 different oils such as argan, camellia, olive, jojoba, coconut, apricot and marula. Thisperfect repair serum has thicker and more viscous consistency.  Even though this hair serum has an oil-like formula, it doesn't leave my hair looking greasy. It gets easily absorbed into the hair without making it look sticky.


Mise en scene Perfect Repair Serum comes with nice scent but doesn’t over powering. I use 2-3 pumps every session (depending on hair length). Pump of this hair  serum and warm it onto the palms. Apply evenly onto the hair starting from roots to tips.  2 times a day. Morning and night.  Pretty impressed with the results. It does a great job.  I find the ends of my hair to be less tangled, leaves hair softer and a lot more manageable. 

It's obviously to see that the breaks at the end of hair disappeared more than 60%  after I apply it almost one month. I got myself a bottle of Mise en scene Perfect Repair Serum from

PRICE: RM31.00 ( 70ML)( 1 bottle can use 30 - 45 days depend on your usage)
CODE DISCOUNT : IKA SANI (key in this code to receive RM5 off)

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  1. Wah bestnya...
    Rambut akk pun frizzy...
    Tapi kat scalp oily...