Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Hello peeps, Good Morning. On Valentine's Day, I attend Perfume Tea Party . Hosted by WEVents at Betjaman & Barton and Shelby Kho of Bisou Bon Bon as a Perfume Bartender. On that day I learn how to create my own perfume . I’m too excited. WEVents was born with the objective of allowing working women to have an outlet (vent) after office hours, get to meet new friends and catch up with peers. Conceptualized by Jeanisha Wan in 2010, WEVents ran events that has been attended by working women of all ages.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Assalamualaikum semua.  Minggu lepas Ika berkesempatan untuk bersama- sama menjamu selera bersama Blogger di  Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo Di E- Curve.   Yang paling penting ianya telah disahkan Halal Jakim dengan rujukan nombor MS 1500:2008 2 071-11/2013.  Jadi tak perlu ragu-ragu untuk menjamu selera di sini.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


100%Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze

Are you using lychee to seduce me?
Hello Hello! Thank you Pure 100%, because of you I could try 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Seduce and Lychee shade.  Let me seduce you with my pretty lips! Awww  . 
Are you  bombarded by toxins and chemicals every single day ? Sick of it? Try 100% Pure product. 100% pure is 100% cruelty-free makeup .All the antioxidants and vitamins are in the pigments, so you will be applying all the healthy nutrients of the fruits directly on your skin. Sound great?100% Pure is not only natural and  vegan but their pigments are derived from fruit rather than chemicals. While fruit pigmented means the color comes out when you apply the lipstick is the actual color of  antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetable pigments.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Last week, I got an invitation to attend for a food event at Corona Del Mar, The Strand, Kota Damansara. You can bring 2-3 person with you. However, I just come alone. I have high expectation towards this event. Lets see how it goes…. I arrived around 7 pm. I step inside the Restaurant, look around and  did I’m late? I can say the place already full with blogger and their family. And they have 1 table for 4 that only available .I have no choice to seat there. After a couple of minutes, I decided to move outside that provide a table for two because I give up my seat  to another blogger that come with the family of 5. The management should have proper organize. If they allow us  to bring 2-3 friends or family , please make sure the space inside of the restaurant  is enough to fit us. I  feel bad and disappointed because I need to sit outside. Not only me but a few of us. Luckily I get to sit  next to a hot senior food blogger :P Abang Sohoque and Abang HZ 

Sunday, February 1, 2015


long and thick eyelash

Hello ladies. What do all women want? To have a naturally long, thick beautiful lashes. REALASH can fullfill your dream. I’m back for final review of Realash!. After a quick 3 months and I can say that I am extremely pleased with the final results.  I have to admit that I was quite skeptical and had no idea if this little tube would give me long and thick  eyelash.


Hello peeps, Ika again, today I would like to do a review about YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit from Natta Cosme. First of all I’m totally apologies because I’m late to do a review about Yoko Product. Unexpected situation have happen where I left the product in Penang . Let start the review peeps. Cleopatra ,the queen of beauty . For centuries people had admired Cleopatra’s beauty, her talents, her body and looks.  Cleopatra was very exceptional woman and she loved herself.  Cleopatra’s gorgeous skin looked like that thanks to the milk baths and the honey she used. The Milk ingredient make your skin gentle and silky! If you dream to have be like Cleopatra.I suggest you to try YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit.  Yoko was a brand from Thailand  with affordable price and good quality too. With 4 step, you are going closer to be Modern Cleopatra.

YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit

First step: YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich - RM42.00
YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich  contains of milk protein, coconut oil, and argan oil!   It works as a conditionero . After washing your hair, apply YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich on wet hair especially at the end. Cover hair with warm wet towel for about 10 minutes and rinse. The result is quite impress.  

YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich make my hair feel smooth not only boost beauty shine hair but maintain moisture to scalp  as well.  Recommed to use 2-3 times a week if you want to see the good result. I can feel my hair become less frizzy than before . Tumb up Yoko <3

YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit

Second step: YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath – RM20.00
Yoke Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath is for exfoliating and nourishing skin with Vitamin E, Milk Protein, with natural salt benefits. It provides nourishment to my skin with milk protein. Moreover, it removes dead skin, from your body, giving you a new radiant skin. I  love the the  scent, soft and  remind me of Vanilla.

Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin. Be gentle to your skin or the rough rub may hurt your epidermis. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water. The result? After use, I can feel my skin more soft and smoothness like baby….  I love this feeling <3.

YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit

Third step: YOKO Milky Body Lotion – RM35.00
The nourishing no-greasy formula body lotion comes in such a cute .Enriched with loads of goodness from Milk Protein, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and Licorice extract. The texture is really lightweight and doesn't leave my skin sticky. Apply it everyday morning after bath. Smooth Yoko Milky Body Lotion onto your skin and massage gently until it is well absorbed.

Forth step: YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein – RM30.00
I prefer to use YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein before bed time. Long lasting milk scent because the next day , the scent is still there . This rich cream but fast absorbing into my skin. It  blended with Milk Protein, Aloe Vera extract and Chamomile extract creates the exclusive body cream.

 With all these valuable components, they help retain skin moisture to combat wrinkles, brighten your skin and improve your skin condition for softer and smoother.

Overall, everyday is the Milk day. And hey, I’m the next Modern Cleopatra. If you love to try YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit. Head over to Natta Cosme website and purchase with them. They pack all their order with love. Till them see you again. <3
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Hola . My weekend  skin care regime on January. Let see what we have here <3



Hello peeps, How your weekend? If  you work in the office, and expose to air cond for almost 9 hours, even you have  oily skin type ,  in the end of the day, your can feel the dryness of your skin. My face feel thirsty. I need instant hydration treatment ladies!! So Thank to The Butterfly Project, I got to try GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. The World's Most Advanced Hydrating Treatment.

GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Moisturizes the skin an provide instant hydration  result. It's suitable for all skin types including men and women of all ages. The packaging is cute . I love the turquoise colour with  a silver turn cap. ThirstMud treatment is brownish in color. It's recommended to use this 2-3 times per week. You can use with 3 difference way: