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After getting one year older yesterday, I thought it seemed like the perfect time to share some random facts about me with you all.

1.    I was born in Penang,Malaysia on 9 DEC 1990. Don’t  hesitate to give me birthday gift hehe.
2.    That why  I  obsess with  number 9, 99, 66, 12, 90.
3.    I don't like hot drinks. Even in cold weather or breakfast I always prefer ice cold water.
4.    I go through candles like it’s nobodies business, and my favourite scents are vanilla  based, Limited holiday Christmas collection ( marshmallow, cookies you can find at BBW store)Mmmm!

5.    My favorite color  :
Eyeshadow:  Bronze, Brown based , red, midnight blue,plum. . No smokey eye for me!
Lipstick: No nude color, or no light color for me.
Decoration/ goods : I love pastels  & pink tone.
6.    Can’t go out without eyeliner.
7.     What I love to :
Eat: Nasi Kandar telur sotong  sedap wei!  keaw teaw theng taman Tun Saadon Penang , nasi lemak Uncle Lan bayan lepas sedap gile, Nasi Lemuni yang penuh  daun lemuni nyum nyum,  steak & sushi.
Drink : I love to drink coffee . (Java chip frappucino,Tiramisu frappucino, Mocha)
Desserts :   macaroon , cake & ice cream.
Ice cream : matcha ice cream, coconut ice cream, coffee based ice cream.
p/s: I have unique taste, I Don’t mind to try our new food, new flavour, new signature & etc.
8.    I like MC D fried Chicken then KFC. It more delicious nyum nyum! rempah-rempah ayam MC D terasa sampai ke isi ayam... Sedap wei
9.    Tak suka makan sayur ... serious macam budak-budak! Hahah

10. My favorite perfume right now is Red door Elizabeth Arden & Fame Lady Gaga. I don’t like the smell of jasmine. Too much of it makes me want to throw up.
11. I like Kang Gary song.  Especially his new song JOA.
12. I love crime TV shows, CSI & Ciminal mind. Korean drama with comedy genre. Running man, The Supermen Return.  Movie , I prefer English movie than Malay.
13. I'm an online shopaholic. I admit! The internet is my only addiction.
14. I love flower especially roses & Daisy.

15. I love to join giveaway but it depend on the prize given.  
16. I hate hiking in mountain. Takut tak jumpa jalan pulang….. Seram
17. I want to travel around Europe, Korean, Paris , Turkey. Within Malaysia perhaps Genting highland & Cameron highland! X pernah pergi lagi sob sob sob.
18. I want to have wedding at beach than garden.
19. I hate driving a manual car! Seriously.
20. Tak selesa drive malam. Selalu pening sensitive dengan lampu-lampu dan cahaya.

21. I have combination skin. Oily skin at T zone.
22. Selalu bersemangat untuk Diet tapi selalu cepat putus asa huhuhu! Want to have model figure! Hahaha dalam mimpi
23. I love to dance. I want to enter dance class! But need to loss weight first huhuh
24. I love fairy tale story! Terutama Cinderella!  Tak tahu la kenapa suka sampai sekarang haha
25. Tak pandai shading muka sendiri . That why  I want to learn makeup properly from MUA . Tapi tidak bekersempatan lagi kerana  yuran kelas MUA mahai wei. Sob sob sob.
26. I feel comfortable when use flipflop  for everyday usage.

So there you have it! My 26 random facts about myself. I I hope you have enjoyed this post! As always, thanks for reading! :) 

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  1. hahaha bnyk mcm sama..tak bleh tanpa eyeliner..tak suka hiking..

    1. haha tau x pe..... hiking x minat .... seram takut tak jumpa jalan balik huhu

  2. I love Kang Gary! :D Too obsess with monday couple T.T