Friday, July 25, 2014



Assalamualaikum and Hello peeps!! Miss me? I miss you too.Have you buy your baju Raya, Handbag, shoes? If you don’t , please buy because Hari Raya Aidilfitri is around the corner!
Opps did you forget something?
Ermmm what?
Your makeup laa. Did you buy new lipstick, eyelinear or new eyeshadow?

Ok! Don’t forget to buy it . For Hari Raya makeup, I prefer  Dramatic eye makeup. Focus on my eyes because the Dramatic eye makeup is a  hottest beauty trend that never goes away that gives your eyes stand out and look extraordinary. For the lips I prefer natural, not too bold but just nice and the important last for few hours. Open house, of course laa a lot of food to be eaten. Hopefully the color in my lips doesn’t fade easily. Probably I will use lipgloss or lipstick in pink ,but difficult to choose either one.  How about I apply all of it? :P

Friday, July 18, 2014


Hye semua. Selamat Malam Ika ucapkan. Syawal dah hampir menjelma. Korang dah sediakan duit raya ke belum ni? Dah gi tukar kat bank ke belum? Yang belum tu cepat-cepat tukar sebelum bank kehabisan duit kertas yang korang nak  tu. Jangan tukar RM0.10 sudah la ye. Mesti korang ramai anak buah  yang pelbagai peringkat umur. Dari baby hingga yang tengah study di Universiti. For sure duit raya pun tak akan sama nilai. Jangan lupa bagi lebih sikit kat anak saudara korang yang tengah study. 
Bukan nak berat sebelah, Cuma bagi Ika yang tengah study tu perlukan duit lebih untuk menampung sara hidup di Universiti berbanding anak buah yang masih bersekolah rendah. Jangan lupa pula masukkan duit raya di dalam sampul supaya tidak menyinggung perasan anak-anak buah yang lain.

Bila bercakap tentang sampul, apa kata korang beli sampul yang ekslusif sikit. For sure anak buah korang berebut-rebut nak beratur dapatkan sampul hehe sebab cantik sangat untuk dijadikan koleksi. Sampul raya hp Samsung perghh smart sangat. Sure budak-budak suka ni.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hey peep, Miss Ika is  here again. I love bath and body product, especially shower gel/shower cream. I keep trying my hands on all the different scents of shower gel/shower cream everyday. So today I would like to review a fresh and fruity shower gel that will make you  fall in love with this range.Present to you, Satsuma Shower Gel from The Body Shop. What attracted me the most toward this body wash is its citrus smell. At first you will scent an orange /tangerine  , but why the name is Satsuma?

Monday, July 14, 2014


Morning peeps. Since I’ve had a lot of requests for drama recommendations from my friends. , I thought I’d put this up as its own post. I prefer romantic comedies more than any other genre because I love to laugh than crying. Melodrama? Sorry, not in my list! I prefer the plot to be simple and enjoyable of course it should at least 50-70% funny scene.. I love to laugh to release my stress.A perfect treatment). In  fact, some of the best romantic comedies are the ones that don’t follow those stereotypes at all, to the point where they might not even seem like romantic comedies at first glance but after 2-3 episode you will realize the genre.

Some drama the half first of the episode is a comedy and the other half is melodrama.(Meh, I will skip the melodrama part :p ) . Moreover, I don’t mind if the actor is not popular or new coming actor. As long  they can make me laugh. First, let’s we start with the ongoing drama that you probably love to watch.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Last April, The Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia were kicking off a Cinderella Hunt  that could fit a premium artist flip flop. They are 2 pair limited edition from Havaianas Summer Kit which comes with a matching towel. And those aren't just any ordinary summer colored flip flops because they are specially designed and priceless .

Those Flip-flops with a pin-up girl illustration are awaiting for the Mordern Cinderella to fit into them and bring them home together with the Matching pin-up girl towel!!! Only 20 pairs of these are available in Malaysia & yet they are not for sale. Could  I fit in the Sexy Flip-flops vintage design? t hot right? The towel awww too sexy for meCould I be the Cinderella they are searching for?I

Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Sun rays come down
as seen when they hit the ground
Children spinning around
Til' they fall down down down.
A perfect song to sing at the beach . Ermm Let rock  babe we are going to the beach !! Opps I don’t want to get  sunburn on my face. I've avoided wearing sunscreen for 2-3 month ago  because it feels very heavy and greasy on my face. But sunblock is compulsory nowdays.


There are various types of sunscreens available that match different skin types of the people. It is very important for you to pick the right sunscreen that is meant for your skin type.So I will give it a try for Sun Off A Beach Sunblock this time... Waw I was pleasantly surprised with this one  .This is a pretty good sunblock. It smelled nice and does not have that horrible sunblock smell.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hey pretty currently OnlyBeauty L’oreal Mega sale is in Penang!!! Welcome to Penang . Location , B suite near with complex bukit Jambul. Featuring mega sales up to 63% for  major brands like L’Oreal, Garnier, Maybelline and many more! I spent quite a bit of time browsing through all the items there especially make-up . It's kind of like a warehouse sale, I guess that's a really great bargain that you shouldn't miss! The items are all arranged systematically and orderly to make your shopping experience a little better. 

They are not crowded at all, probably maybe lack of advertisement about this sale,  this is my third time and only 3-8 people per session. Too sad, if they could advertise in the  newspaper / Fb ads probably  a lot of people will come. They don't sell the newly in-stores items ,most of  the stock mgf in year 2012/2013. But it ok,  you still have 1-2 years to use it.  Moreover, Hari Raya is around the corner! What you waiting for?  Let’s shopping!! These  are few pictures  that I take using my Hp Tomorrow is the last day peeps!! Please drop by before 10 pm tomorrow if not, you need to wait for next year <3

Thursday, July 3, 2014



Hey Cinderella!!  I don’t have a perfect shoe for Hari Raya! Ermm. Difficult to find my favorite shoes in Shopping Mall because I have big feet!!  I’m size 41. The bigger size always sold out . I want a wedges  to pair with my Baju Kurung & Peplum on this Hari Raya!

Luckily, Thank to Jane Holli I manage to find a perfect wedges with beautiful color and the important , they offer until size 41!!  The Famous shoe brand in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong,  Jane Holli is an established ladies handbags and shoe with over 25 years experience in the leather-crafting industry, Jane Holli sets itself apart with original and easy to match designs. Jane Holli's offers a wide range of products ranging from online exclusives, flats, heels, loafers, sandals, wedges, and handbags. My favourite will be wedges!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Hye pretty, do you know that Egyptians people appeared as the queen of beauty? 
The Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with body care, cosmetics, and beauty remedies that lead to advances in beauty routine at the time. Their queen, Cleopatra has attract the attention of many men and women for centuries because of  her beauty. She was  one of the most famous figures that could turn so many heads of men. She managed to conquer the heart of the most inaccessible and formidable men  (Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony ). That proved , she was the most beautiful Egyptian queen at that time. So what was her beauty secret? Lets reveal…