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Hey Ladies, Waw we are in March!!!.Time fly too fast.  Did you know the best foundation helps your makeup stay  for a long time at your face? So today I would like to introduce you with one of the best foundation that I found with the reasonable and affordable to buy and opps it last for a year !!!

Tadaaa Naturactor Cover Face from Japan!!!! This Naturactor Cover Face is originally from Japan, I totally guarantee !!!! Why? I have known the owner since 2 years ago when I bought my first Octard Cover face.  All Meiko’s Products, she directly Import from Japan because she  previously studied in Japan for 1 years.


The main ingredient for Naturactor Cover Face are Jojoba oil and Rice. Jojoba Oil is known for its function to moisturize our skin. Moreover , with the rice ingredient it helps to absorb excess oil produced by the skin and produce skin that is free from acne . The combination of the two ingredients capable producing  soft and radiant skin.  This cover face acts as a foundation and moisturizer . It’s covered your blemish and at the same time moisturize your skin. Opps forget to tell you something,  It also protect your face from UV rays  and prevent pigmentation .


They are to many Naturactor fakes out there. But trust me. This is totally originally from Japan.  Look at the description, it’s written with  Japanese Character.  
 I’m using code 141 for Malay fair skin .


The texture is totally lightweight. The price is only RM41 instead of RM69. The price is reasonable and affordable. The texture is totally lightweight. Awesome, right? 

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This is the tutorial how  I  use Naturactor Cover Face with my bare face, too many blemishes. Ouchh!!!


What I am doing??? Too shy  lol!!!! . I like applying it with fingertips, quite a bit and sponges work well, too.


Tadaa. How I look? Ugly??? :P . This lightweight foundation helps minimize the appearance of pores, and  Look!! It does a good job to cover my blemishes. 
 It is recommended for normal, dry, and combination skin types (note, oily was not listed). For oily skin type I recommended for Octard Cover face

If you interested to experience by yourself how awesome of this Naturactor Cover Face   by Meiko(Original)  with cheap and affordable price.
You can directly order from Miss Zunita at

Intagram : @elegancecosmetics
Whatsapp/SMS: 0133986129

Don’t worry, she accepts international buyer too.

For event, collaboration, product review,advertorial, sponsorship
please do not hesitate to email me:

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  1. saya pun ada email dgn sis zunita ni. baik org nya ..

  2. nampak perbezaannye tu...hebat kan cream ni... !

  3. I haven't heard of this brand before, but I love foundations + products that are made in Japan, so I shall give it a look. Thanks for the review hun!

  4. @Cik Anis

    Yup anis, totally one of the great foundation in the market.

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog Ika! Your blog is soooo pweety!!! Very girlie!!!! XD

  6. Hi Ika! Thank oyu for dropping by my blog! Your blog is soooo pweety!! Very girlie!!! xD