Tuesday, October 29, 2013


LOVE  or LICE? ERGGG maybe both?

Tadaaa this  month  HALLOWEEN THEME presented by BAG OF LOVE (for this month coll it BAG OF LICE) .

 It should be scary…. But I found it cute J

Unusual Potions’s  Ingredients from the Sexy Wizards Hehe

I’m too happy to receive full sized of CC CREAM. It worth RM49.90 .....  I  have not tried it yet but I think it will work for me . The color is not too white and not too dark perfectly suit me. The important thing is it consists of SPF 50!!!

Perfect choice and useful for me.  I don’t dye my hair cos some of the subscribers got COLOR SAVE SHAMPOO 

Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti-cellulite Concentrate  30 ML
Absolutely I will use it . Most of us have cellulite for sure huhuhu.

I received a blue color, it can glow in the night ermmm nice product to try it out . Unfortunately  I don’t color my nail huhuhu.  So I will keep it with a few products that I don’t use and do some giveaway so stay tune :D

I will definitely love to try chocolate therapy BUTTTT unfortunately again I stay in  PENANG. This spa is located in KL. If you want to give a present for yourself,  This is perfect gift spent a few hours in this Spa with CHOCOLATE THERAPY ..  

WOWWW unexpected to receive “makeup brush” in Beauty Box.
Wauuuuw wauuuuw and Wauuuw
again for sure you will scream crazily this brush worth RM69. WAUUUU??? Totally excited to try this brand 

Close up picture. You want it to be in your collection? It's not too late you can still subscribe for the OCTOBER EDITION you just need to pay RM39.90 to receive all this products… 
This is good investment taww

Hurry up before it's too late. Click here

Till then bye

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hai and Assalamualaikum , It’s me again  Ika. I want to share with you guys what I bought last week. Tadaaaa I’ts beauty box again from THE LILAC. ERMMMM this  box is not an ordinary box but it consists of CULT BRAND.

CULT BRAND is not something you will ever see on the Shopping Mall in Malaysia . Something rare that you can only find in another country. To make it simple, you don’t know that this band existed.

For me I totally like the “CULT” concepts. HEyy….. siapa yang tidak suka dapat sesuatu yang orang lain tak boleh dapat?? I’m one of the luckiest girl in Malaysia .. opps do I cross over the line?? Sorry guys I’m totally excited hehe

The cards, but for the Cult box Concepts i prefer cards that states all products in listed form so that I can refer the card when I'm clueless on certain products  and how to use its because some of this brand use their motherland language  so don’t  expect that I can read Italy or France please  -_-


 Nourishing Hair Bath 50ML  and Nourishing Mask 30 ML . Both products are for damage hair. Suitable for me for sure. This product from France.The smell is awesome. Some of the subscriber gets the Anti aging shampoo + 1 sachet of serum. (Luckily I don’t get that cos I totally hate product in a sachet). 


The Mistral Verbena Shower Gel 60 ML .  Verbena is one of the most energizing scents for a morning wake up. The smell it's more like a lemongrass + ginger to me. . When you open the bottle The smell is totally strong . Unfortunately after using , it doesn’t  not last longer  than I expect  . So disappointed. 10-15 minutes after bath the smell is disappear -_-


I got earth color which is brown. Unfortunately I have this color which is from Elianto. Some of the subscribe got cheerful color which is pink, indigo, red and I totally jealous for sure… huhu. But I’ts ok I would like to try  this new brand .


The box is so cute and  the most adorable packaging I have ever seen! I love it!. A pediatric nurse is the founder that’s why the brand is called Yes! Nurse.
'Protect Your Lovely Hands 50 ML' was a result of 4 years work to try and come up with a simple way to help nurses look after their hands whilst at work - a problem our co-founder Antonia had suffered from and knew others did toO.This is UK products. The smell of the hand cream just like you smell the Nurse in the hospital.  


Three of the Cult Box’s items are made in Italy by Vagheggi. Vagheggi is the first Italian company to produce natural cosmetics making essential oils and oligominerals. The Face Lotion 50ML , Magnesium oil 10ML  (an active ingredient that can be used on both the body and face to reduce skin flakiness), Cleansing Milk 50ML .

That’s all from me. Just a simple review coz I don’t like to babbling bla bla bla and you  got bored. After I use the product I will make a more detailed review.
Till then bye

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Assalamualaikum and Selamat Malam. It’s , me Ika. Hiiii everyone… Are you sleepy?? Before you go to bed don’t forget to take care your Lip to avoid dry cracked lip.

 This is My favorite Lip Balm from THE BODY SHOP BORN LIPPY™ STRAWBERRY LIP BALM. The Price is RM 19.00 still around my budget. Moreover   I thought I made a very Good choice when I check their website this Strawberry Lip balm is the best Seller in Malaysia. Hehehe  How to use? Apply to the lips with your fingertip, as often as required. 

My Verdict: The smell is totally sweet of cos it smells like Strawberry. A little bit stronger and long lasting strawberry Smell. I love it for sure. Rasa lip balm ni tawar… If you olls bagun dari tido for sure Lip balm tu still ada di bibir for the whole night. Ohsemmm right? 

Soft Pink color… Unfortunately if you buy this type of lip balm , You need to use your  hands sooo Please wash your hand properly to avoid spread the bacteria over the surface of the the lip balm.

So Don't forget to drop by any of The Body Shop Outlet and grabs this Best Seller Lip balm. ZZZZZ Sweet Dream    

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hye peeps  it’s me Ika. Ergggg I have a problem with my  broadband. As  usual over limit. Huuhu. I'm going to introduce Elianto product to you, which is  Bellisa Diary from Elianto. I love to went  to Elianto, their product is affordable, reasonable. They always have sale, each month… 

I luv Hari Raya sale, and Christmas sale too coz their discount up to 80%. FEWEEET.  I believe it's the cheapest Korean product in the market. Event its not an exclusive brand like M.A.C. If you are a student you probably will love Elianto brands. 

Unfortunately there are few product from Elianto  that disappoint me.  However I absolutely recommend you their eyeshadow. I luv their eyeshadow.

Bellisa Diary consist of  3 type of eyeshadow. From left:

Purple Night Madigra Shadow  (Shimmer)
Fair Lady Luminous Shadow ( Combination),
Rampart Blue Ardour Shadow (Matte)

My verdict: Eyeshadow Elianto, warna memang sangat cantik, bila you olls letak di mata, warna akan kekal disitu, tidak comot, the color is not to bright. Sweet-sweet gitu. Even you wear it for 8 hours the color still ohsemmm dan tidak pudar seperti you pakai pada 1 jam yang pertama. That’s why  I love eyeshadow from Elianto. Sure worth to buy

For me this is a perfect combination. The original price is RM59.90. If I’m not mistaken I bought this for RM11.98 I got 80% discount. So don’t forgot to stalker their outlet and their page fo moe promotion and sale hehehe

-till then bye- 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I bought this at the end of July (or maybe early August ?).

Even this product for hand and nail, I will use it for my nail only. I have a lot of hand cream/hand butter but I just have one product for my nail -_-.

 It smells absolutely amazing. Whenever I put this on I just smell my nail and it's pure bliss. It comes in some sort of aluminum Tube .

 The problem began.... What you can see in the picture the shape is totally ugly. When you  press the tube, the shape cannot be  normal again. Annoying. When you first buy it, every time you open the tube, product oozes out. That means you have to quickly put some on your hands and then quickly get the cap back on so you don’t waste any product. Annoying again! That also takes a while to stop.

That’s why if you want to buy the full version for a hand cream that use aluminum tube, you should think again, bila buka ja untuk kali pertama, cream tu keluar, tak ke rugi? Banyak pula tu. Membazir betul


How to use:
First step: Open the cap.

Second step: press suitable amount, puts it on your nail.

Third step : Rub the cream into your nail  + Rub it on and around the nail, especially at the cuticle

Forth step : leave the cream a little bit. To make sure the Nutritions are fully absorbed. 

As and advice: lepas you olls potong kuku, letak cream ni dikuku you olls before u sleep, leave it 8 hours. Esok pagi lepas bangun sure  kuku u olls cantik dan x de kesan "potong kuku". It works for me. Hehe

and then go to sleep zzzzz

PRICE: 30ml RM19.90