Saturday, November 30, 2013


bag of love levi's

Go Girl GO… I don’t know how to express my feeling right now. I actually have mixed feeling . 

Firstly I am totally excited to receive LEVI’S TOTE BAG special edition made for BAG OF LOVE. You totally can’t get it anywhere. The high quality denim bag for sure I am going to subscribe it. 

bag of love levi's

And I totally make it before it’s been sold out. I put high expectation in this bag. But it turns upside down.  The story begins here where I have a problem receiving my parcel ..  I should receive my parcel on Thursday but I received it on Saturday . I call the courier service center twice and I got two difference answer.  So sape yang tak geram kan??
I got my parcel around 7 pm on that Saturday.

beauty bag

 With the mixed feeling I unbox the bag. Guess what?? The excited feeling come again for the second time. Hehee
My cutie baby LEVI’S TOTE BAG. Ahaaa don’t be jealous. Special edition made for November   Bag of Love subscriber.

beauty box

panasonic toothbrush free


New for me. Excited to try. 



I love it. Fresh with Floral scents.

free shampoo

It contains anti-hair fall ingredients that reduce hair fall.  I give it to my mom .  Cos I don’t use it. 

free clarin serum

Clarins win the deal for this month + extra cards worth RM60 ++

murad free primer


Extra gift for me. Actually I only get  1 free gift cos I subscribe for  quarterly. This gift should be in my October bag but they forget to put it . So Mimi promise me I will get 2 free gifts for this month.  

Lastly, this is the picture for December bag. They reveal it because it's featuring in the magazine . If you interested  to buy. You should  subscribe  before it's been sold out.

 Hurry up J. Just a simple review from me. The simpler the better . See you again for the next entry. Till then,  have a nice day girls….

If u still blurr with BEAUTY BOX CONCEPT/ BEAUTY BAG CONCEPT click here: 

Monday, November 25, 2013


December is coming and I am a little bit sad cos it shows  we are going to leave 2013 soon.  However  December itself means a lot to me.. This month is absolutely for the kaki shopping cos the discount is totally crazy.Every department store,drugstore any outlet having a discount and you cannot refuse to buy it. I’m born in this month . In addition cos this is my month birthday so a few department store treat me a little bit special with special deals?? Make sure you be a member first to receive special treats.  I will reveal it soon which department store treats me well. 

free body butter

But now  I am going to share with you something special that I found .  

What you need is  please bring RM6 to your nearest magazine Store and buy  “WOMEN WEEKLY DECEMBER EDITION”

free body butter

 “WOMEN WEEKLY DECEMBER EDITION”- If you buy this magazine you will receive 50 ml BODY BUTTER from THE BODY SHOP that worth RM25.00 for free  + a few coupons that you will totally useful .

free body butter

The magazine + body butter  are wrapped  with  the plastic . So you don’t need to go The body shop outlet to redeem it.

buy 1 free 1

It also provides a coupon BUY 1 FREE 1 which is for BODY BUTTER 200 ML free ANOTHER BODY BUTTER . I Redeem it and I share I with my sister. Each of us buys the magazine and we decided to use only one coupon and share it. The price is RM59.90. So both of us only need to pay RM30

You also will receive 1 booklet form CRABTREE EVELYN .
The booklet consists of 3 coupons  for the first 500 readers WOMEN WEEKLY

One of it is a free HAND THERAPY  that can be only redeem start on 1 December .

20% discount

You will also receive 20% discount for the Starbuck Coffee only for the seasonal drink. Please assume that you see 20% coupon here :P. Actually I used the coupon before I take a picture

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino . Venti size I just need to pay RM14.00 rather than RM 16.50

There also a few coupons in the WOMEN WEEKLY that I didn’t mention it here . If you want it, Don’t forget to buy this magazine before it sold out.

Monday, November 18, 2013



I got my box one day after TLB post out our box. Luckily , GDEX is expressed in delivery  so I received my box on Saturday. I totally satisfied with the products in Box 5.  For me Box 5 includes the exclusive brand and  amazingly successful box.

the lilac box 5

6 brand for in the box 5

the lilac box 5

 I received 11 items . Quite interesting. I think this is first time I received more than 10 product in 1 box….Rugi pada sesiapa yang tak langgan hari tu :P

the lilac box 5

Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer & Tinted Moisturiser
-Totally waiting  to receive this product in the beauty box.  

the lilac box 5

Calvin Klein's Down Town Shower Gel
-I love the smell. It's totally perfect if I got the perfume at the same time. 


Guerlain's Abeille Royale Youth Serum
The packing is quite rich but the serum is to small. 

the lilac box 5

Aveda's Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray , Aveda's Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment & Daily Hair Repair
-I will totally use it cos I have damaged hair.  

academie free

Acedemie's Micellar Cleansing Water
-For my understanding this product has the same function with makeup remover at the same time as a toner

Alqvimia's Body Sculptor, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil & Reductor
-The oil smell nice. Each bottle has difference function as stated above.

This is just a simple review about the box. After  I used it, I will make a complete review about the products. Till then bye.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


12/11/2013. Yeaaaa Finally after 2 years , MY GRADUATION DAY. Let the picture speak 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Free drink from Starbuck??? REALLY??? Yup , it’s true...

 If you want to get a tall beverage for free.. Don’t forget to be the luckiest person to be selected for  Starbucks Customer Voice Survey Program.

You will be selected randomly by the Machine(Mesin duit tu)  upon order your drink.. If you are luckiest enough your next drink will be their treat wink wink ^_^

Guest what ??? 

I’m one of it hehehe

If you frequently visit Starbucks Coffee Stores your chance is high enough to be selected. But I’m NOT frequently visited Starbucks  Coffee Stores.. I think it just my luck on that day... ^_^

First step after you been selected: Go to this website

Secondly : used this code as a key to enter the survey (Code will be provided  by Starbuck)

This how the whole receipt look.. .

Thirdly: After completing your survey, you will get a BEVERAGE OFFER ID. Write this code in the same  receipt. Bring it to your nearest Starbucks Coffee stores . But this offer  valid within 14 days only. 

Guest what I Choose for......

Java Chip Frappuccino® Blended BeverageMy favorite Drink yihaaaa. Totally recommend. If you haven’t tried it yet . Don’t forget to order  on your next visit.  
The barista totally make me blush a lot >_<

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hai November . Time flies faster than I expect .  It's almost the end of the year.  The Year End Sale is around the corner . So don’t forget to save your money now for the crazy sale next month. Now I would like to proceed too my D.I.Y first tutorial which is repacking your FREE SAMPLE in empty cosmetic bottle.

Me, my self  love the free sample because I would like to try a new product or something new before purchase the full sized. Unfortunately I totally hate Free sample in sachet. 

Q: Why I hate sample in sachet?
ANS: When I open the sample, I couldn’t  use the whole cream/lotion/whatever it is  in one day right? Cos we only use a few dot of it. Moreover if I left the sample just like that for sure there are a lot of bacteria and I don’t think that I would use the cream for the next day...

Q:  So… What should I do if most of the sample is in sachet?  

So what you need are :
1 empty cosmetic bottle. I buy it at DAISO (too many bottles in difference design). I buy 1 packet that consists of 2 bottles .  For this tuto you only need 1 bottle. This bottle can accommodate volume up to 30 ML.

1bottle: RM2.50/pc

Two or more unit  of same sample .Normally each sachet contains 5ml/ 5g of cream. So make sure you get the same type of sample more than 1unit. 

How? Its depend to your ability + creativity + idea  to do something so you could get sample more  than 1 unit.

Why? If u have only 1 unit of sample it waste your time repacking  and waste your money to buy the empty cosmetic bottle.

Use knife or scissors to make a small hole. 

Transfer the sample carefully into the empty bottle. Use creative method to make sure all the sample  is transferred into their new home.

If u have1 unit of sample .This is how it look after repacking the sample. Waste your time.
(left pic)
 If you have 2 and more unit of sample, it give u satisfaction to see how it look after repacking the sample
(right pic)

So don’t forget to try it yourself  when you have free time. 
Opps I forget to tell u something…. 
You can recycle back the empty cosmetic bottle with other FREE SAMPLE . 

TOTAL COST : RM2.50.  

Try New brands but Spend less makes sure  Budget Under Control = Satisfaction "

Did I give you a new idea? So Don’t forget to drop your comment + your link so I could hit you back . Till then bye.