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Salam and hai.  It’s me ika. Last Friday I got notification from my fb, Queensbay Mall update their status…. Guess what?? Jelly Bunny will hold Grand opening on that day .. Soo I decide to go there and WINDOW SHOPPING perhaps. But it's just the BeGINNING plan

Well …..….. You know as a woman will you hold yourself if you read this 
BUY 2 GET  1 FREE”???? 

 Will you?

So the plan is changed on the spot…… hehe.
Here a few pictures taken last Friday..


The shop was crowded with KAKI SHOPPING. I’m one of them hehe.  After shopping I take a few pictures of their shop. The Deco is totally ohsem. Most of the shoes are hanging on the wall . Even there are to many KAKI SHOPPING in there, the sale girls still layan customer  patiently dengan senyuman ikhlas. .

The brand is inspired from casual and comfortable way of shoe ware. Taking a semi-transparent material like a shiny, jelly-like sheen, wonderful colors with stylish design to make Jelly Bunny favorable to fashion lovers .Their Products start with RM29 and above, they also sell a limited edition bag with bunny logo

Hehehehe I bought 2 pair of shoes + 1 free :D. Pink shoes on the left they coll it LARISSA, while , the right and the middle of the picture they call if BRUNO ops BRUNA actually.. The names is totally modern n cute wowwwww  kalah my name huhuhu

I love the design. Dengan love kecik2 tu wahhh terasa jadi budak sekolah pulak u olls dengan  warna Candy  . This is the free pair that I chose PINK LARISSA.

This  is BLUE BRUNA . I fall in love at first sight. Vintage color. I still don’t have this color yet  so I decide to grab this. Dengan corak love besar2 gedabak, ingat ke x cantik dengan kaki Ika. BUT when I wore it, it totally suits me.

 It give me ilusi kaki yang kurus. U olls boleh banding kan dengan gambar kedua.

Totally tembam kan?. But its ok… the color is sweet just like me ahakkkk

TRANSPARENT ORANGE  BRUNA. I saw the sale girls wore it on that day, just nice when she wore it so I decided to grab this too. The color in  the picture was not turn well  -_-. It should be the nicest shoes that I choose. Its ok nevermind as long as I like it girlssss.

Kaki ika saiz 9/10  @ 40/41. JellyBunny just  ade untuk saiz 40. 

Try2 boleh pakai sebab kasut dia orang ni kasut getah. Even that Friday is their first day size 40, a few of their designs were totally sold huhu. Luckily the design  and color that I want is available. Alhamdulillah

Both of this design BRUNA and LARISSA only cost you RM29 each. For that day, I only need to pay RM58 for 3 pair of shoes BERBALOI- BALOI you olls

TAPI kasut tu di letakkan di dalam plastic sahaja seperti gambar dibawah. Tak cantikkan if tak da kotak kasut L. This is the only  weakness that I can detect. To disappointed , it should  be great  if the shoes in the box.

p/s:  U olls pernah beli kasut ni? share your experience with me or leave ur link entry here:D

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  1. tiga2 cantikkk kasut tuu..nakk ;)

  2. Wah cantik sangat..Suka juga kasut trendy jenis getah dan lutsinar ni.. http://puteriairyn.blogspot.com

  3. Mcm mahal je..hehe..getah 100% ke? bo beli utk awek aku ni :P

  4. @AyaZuki
    comel kan? jom beliii. boleh pakai sekali hehe

  5. @luqman zakaria
    hehe biasa le shopping x sakan. tuan yg shopping ja sakan

  6. @puteri airyn jom beli.... buat koleksi. nanti ika singgah ye

  7. @Elih Japahar hahah kalau mahal beli seliper jepun. getah juga. buat hadiah unik ni :P

  8. Prnah beli.. Sama Love bsar2.. Tpi wrna biru cair.. Msa tu ad 50% discount.. Best2

  9. macam akak aku. Suka bebeno beli kasut sampai penuh almari. hohohoho

  10. comeinyer kasut tu.. suke yg kaler biru tu :)

  11. done follow u..follow me back http://nukilancintapurple.blogspot.com/ :)

  12. done follow u..follow me back http://nukilancintapurple.blogspot.com/ :)